Vote for Catfished's New Logo! Limited Edition Shirt Release

We're excited to announce that Catfished is updating our logo, and we want YOU, our amazing community, to help us choose the final design! We've narrowed it down to four awesome designs, and we need your help to pick the winner. Vote for free through YouTube or below by purchasing one of the designs.

  • Limited Edition Shirt Release

    To make this decision even more exciting, we're releasing a limited edition of four shirts, each featuring one of the final logo designs. By purchasing one of these limited-release shirts, you'll not only get a cool piece of Catfished merch but also cast your vote for your favorite logo design. Even if the majority of people don't choose the shirt/logo that you've purchased, your order will still be fulfilled and you'll own a rare piece of Catfished history!

  • Supporting Victims

    But wait, there's more! We believe in giving back, so a portion of the proceeds from these shirt sales will go towards supporting victims of online scams. Your purchase will help victims recover from their scams, cover legal expenses, and ease their financial burden as they seek justice.

  • How to Vote

    1. Visit our merch store and check out the four limited edition shirts.
    2. Purchase the shirt featuring your favorite logo design.
    3. Stay tuned for the final results, and know that your purchase is making a difference in the lives of scam victims.
    4. The poll closes March 27th, 2024
    Thank you for being a part of the Catfished community and helping us choose our new logo while supporting a great cause!

  • Exclusive Limited Release: "Sheila's Story" Custom Art Shirt

    Introducing our special limited edition shirt featuring custom art inspired by Sheila's courageous journey. Sheila, a victim from one of our cases, has generously shared her story through art, and we're honored to showcase her creativity and resilience.

  • Custom Artwork by Sheila

    Each shirt features Sheila's original artwork, capturing her unique perspective and strength in the face of adversity. By wearing this shirt, you'll not only support our channel but also celebrate Sheila's bravery and creativity.

  • 50% of Proceeds to Sheila's Victim Fund

    But here's the best part: 50% of the proceeds from each shirt sold will go directly to Sheila's victim fund. These funds will help cover the expenses Sheila has incurred while seeking resolution for her case, including legal fees and other associated costs.